Harken by Kaleb Nation ❥ Book Review

Series: Harken (#1)
Expected Publication: January 13, 2013
Format: ebook- 380 pages
Source: ARC from the author (thank you, Kaleb!)
More Info: Goodreads, Author’s Website

Read the first 3 chapters for free!

Recently I have been feeling like I was in some kind of a reading rut. All the books I read the past few months have been kind of similar- either dystopian, angel-related or just plain old fantasy, all sort of repeating themselves and/or each other. Going into reading Harken, I didn’t have the biggest expectations; I expected it to be good, even great- but not as excellent as it actually ended up being.

Harken is the story of a teenage boy named Michael. He has this super creepy-über awesome ability to look into one’s eyes and be able to tell what they’re feeling, he calls it The Glimpse. Apart from having this unearthly talent, Michael is just a normal kid- that is, until someone tries to kill him.
He discovers that a not-quite-human, supernatural group of people who control everything in our world- the media, the police, the government and even important celebrities, is trying to get rid of him at any cost. Now all he has to do is find out why.

This is the first conspiracy novel I’ve read, and I got to give it up to Kaleb- it. was. awesome. I loved how original and fresh this story was. I loved the fantasy elements thrown into this book, as well as the uniqueness of the supernatural powers the characters got. I really enjoyed Kaleb’s writing- it was very flowing and gripping to the point where it kept me up some nights because I simply couldn’t put the book down.

Not to mention the characters would be a sin. I loved how not-whiny the main character was. I am so used to reading about ones that break down every time a little obstacle comes in their way- not Michael, though. He did have his little moment of insecurity (key word: little), but they weren’t the type where you just want to bang something on the main characters head to make them wake-up, but simply what filled the little spaces between adventure after adventure.

Although I loved Michael- Callista has to be my favorite character in this book. She is just so bad-ass! She is the type of character I would love to play in the movie adaptation this book so very much deserves. She was very put together and kept to herself most of the time, but her presence was always felt, even before we were actually introduced to her in the story. The little touches that Kaleb gave her, like the fact that she was scared of the dark, made her more reliable to the readers, or at least- made me relate to her that much more.

The overall adventure-y vibe this book has did not fail to suck me in and the amazing storyline and writing kept me interested until the very last page. All I have left to say is: bravo, Kaleb, bravo.

The Glossover:

Originality: … ★★★★★
Writing: …….. ★★★★★
Story: ……….. ★★★★★
Cover: ………. ★★★★

Overall: ★★★★★

Video review to come (hopefully I’ll get a chance to film it soon!) 🙂

Happy Reading, everyone!
XO, Yael.


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