Inside by Maria V. Snyder ❥ Book Review

Inside (Insider, #1-2)Inside by Maria V. Snyder
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Inside series is the story of Trella, a scrub in the lower levels of the cube her world is. She works in the pipes all day and seems to prefer the company of her cleaning troll rolled up in one of them instead of the company of her fellow scrubs- she is a total loner.
Inside is devided to 4 levels- two buttom ones where the lowers, which are thousands of scrubs, live and work and two top ones where the uppers live. When Trella meets an Upper named Riley in an unexpected place, they soon become friends and break the horrible barrier that being a lower and an upper created between them and thus begin this destopian tale.

I really really really liked this book/book series! As always- Maria’s writing was fantastic; the world building was rich and really interesting and I quite liked the numerical system than runs in the book, it gave it a unique touch that I felt made the story different from other dystopians I’ve read in the past. The characters were really fun too! I liked Trella from the beginning and found it fascinating to see her grow throughout the 2 books. I liked Logan (the awesome computer genius), Riley (the hottie!) and even Dr Lamont really grew on me!

Overall, this was a really fun story for someone like me who loves destopian novels and I really liked this 2-in-1 deal! Very recommended for fans of awesome writing, romantic love stories and adventure-packed dystopians!

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